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Initially the slot machine was known as One Hand Bandit as a dexterity game that used a machine. However, this machine will be able to move when you pull the pull lever to spin the slot. Nowadays, gaming is increasing mahjong in many places. People who play it under different names. Australia is known for its drawing card poker machines or the United Kingdom for its fruit machines. This game is very much sought after by several people in the hope of winning big prizes. This prize is always a target for playing this game. Of course, those of you reading this article are curious. OK, read on, guys.

As one of the games that has been around for a long time and has been improving, slot machines have never left and are still in demand among casino players. Although in general slot machines are considered detrimental. However, there are still those who enjoy playing games that use this machine.

1. Created in the United States
Uncle Sam’s country was the country that first introduced and created slot machines. A person named Charles Fey first introduced the game in 1985.

Charles, who comes from San Francisco, created this machine for the first time using molded rolls. Three rolled iron molds are then attached with playing card symbols.

2. Competition of slot machine companies
Even though Charles Fey gets very high profits from slot machines, as time goes by he feels a bit at a loss because of the many competitors.

The emergence of other companies that create slot machines has made Charles Fey’s machines increasingly discarded. This happened because Charles lacked the knowledge to be able to improve the engine.

3. Slot Machines turn into Videos
Since 1976, slot machines that imitate those made by Charles Fey have also been replaced by machines made by the Fortune company. No longer using manual operation, this latest version of the machine uses a 19 inch television.

4. Even though slot machines are banned, they still exist
From 1902 to 1908, slot machines themselves were actually banned in America. However, with so many companies feeling that they are making a profit from this machine, in the end there are still those who secretly operate it.

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